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Virtual Adhaar Number or the Virtual ID 2020

Virtual Adhaar Number or the Virtual ID
Written by Rahul Dutta

What is the Virtual Adhaar or Virtual ID?

Hello, friends today in this article I will explain about the virtual adhaar card or virtual adhaar number.

What is the virtual adhaar card and why the government of India introduced virtual adhaar card?  While we already had an adhaar number of 12 digits.

Was there any risk? To share our original adhaar card or adhaar number with anyone.

So, the answer is that lots of agencies, institution, and media. It claiming that sharing of the adhaar card and adhaar number is not safe because adhaar card and adhaar number is linked to many things like Bank Account, Pan card, and LPG subsidy etc.



Virtual Adhaar Number or the Virtual ID

What Virtual ID (VID) means?

The Virtual ID, which would be a random 16-digit number, together with biometrics of the user would give limited details like name, address, and photograph, which are enough for any verification.

This will give the users the option of not sharing their Aadhaar number at the time of authentication.



Why is Virtual Adhaar Number Introduce?

Adhaar is mandatory for bank accounts, pan card and LPG subsidy. In the future, lots of things are going to link to the aadhaar card and aadhaar number. 

Due to which some of the agencies, institution, and media are claiming that if someone finds your aadhaar number or any other person aadhaar number.

Then the person can find out all the personal information about the person with the help of the aadhaar number.

The linked Bank account, Pan card number and as well as LPG Subsidy. And can also find some other details of the person through the help of aadhaar card and aadhaar number.

Which are mention in the adhaar card like Date of Birth, address, as well as phone number etc? So these things are not safe because they all are linked to the aadhaar card or aadhaar number.





Virtual Adhaar Number or the Virtual ID

So, to make it safe Government of India is introducing a virtual aadhaar card.  The virtual aadhaar number can share without any problem. This virtual number can easily share with anyone because it is the virtual aadhaar number and there is no any harm to the original aadhaar number or aadhaar card due to the virtual number.



Where the Virtual Adhaar Number  Generate?

The government of India introduced virtual aadhaar number which is a virtual copy of the original aadhaar number.

The virtual aadhaar can generate again and again. With a different number which makes it a best and safe feature of the virtual aadhaar card

All the citizen of India, who have an original aadhaar number have to generate a virtual aadhaar number for safety. These virtual aadhaar numbers are going to generate at the website of UIDAI and UIDAI application.


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