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The mission of this website that good information should be shared and transported to people who are interested in technology and want to read about technology. This website are very helpful for study in Computer and Internet Technology, Here We will share knowledge about technology from basic to advanced level and You will learn something new every day on this website.

If you have any questions and need answers about technology then you can comment here and You can also Get Help From Our Contact Us Page.

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Welcome Friends, I’m Rahul Dutta. I am pursuing B.tech in Computer Science and I am 20 Years Old. I Live in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. I have started Blogging in 2016 but after that, I go to focus on my studies, Then now I start blogging in January 2018. I started Duttaji Technical in January 2018. I share information about Tech News, Technology and latest launched smartphones reviews in details. In Duttaji Technical you will find posts related to Tech Review, how-to tech, how to apply, make money online, Tech Tips and Trick, Top 5 things, Business ideas, Best Android Apps, Gadgets Review, Blogging Ideas and many more on Duttaji Technical.

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