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How To Schedule Text Messages On Android 2020

How To Schedule Text Messages Or SMS On Android
Written by Rahul Dutta

Hello, friends. Today in this post I will guide you How you can Schedule Text Messages Android. Since we using Android smartphones it is very easy to communicate with other people very easily. By using SMS and text messages not withstanding when they can’t make or get calls because of messaging.

We can easily elaborate on your word by sending him to SMS or text message. So today in this post I will share you my thoughts “How To Schedule Text Messages Android”

Because nowadays our daily lifestyle is busy. And we think that our lifestyle is fully planned but sometimes we don’t get enough time for that. But the schedule text message is delivered the text at the correct time what you decided.

That’s why we prepare a schedule text or SMS for your family members, co-workers, and your higher authority. And that SMS save your time and give the important text for you because it is pre-prepared.

Sometimes we have forgotten things like birth dates, anniversary, the important document at that time. If the message is scheduled on a particular day.

Then you have some relief because it is scheduled at a particular date or time and you have not to vary. So we use to schedule the text message.


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Schedule Text Messages On Android

Does my Android smartphone or Tablet have a scheduled text message Android feature?

You can discover the schedule message features on most Android gadgets. That you can utilize a similar method above to discover the timetable message include on your gadget.

In the event that it isn’t, there don’t freeze. you can download an SMS scheduler from google play store.


Some basic steps which are followed while using the schedule text message Android.

Text Messages Or SMS On Android

Step 1: Open the messaging app in your android device.


Text Messages On Android Smartphone

Step 2: In the 2nd step write the name of the person or fill the contact detail in the message thread. Which you have send your schedule text message android or create a new message and press the utility button.

How To Schedule Text Messages Or SMS On Android

Step 3: Then you have to press the utility button. Then you have to get some notification like clock, pictures and schedule message.

You choose to schedule a message from the notification and move to another step.


Schedule Text Messages On Android

Step 4: If you go in the schedule Text message option. The phone shows the time and date from which you would select your date. What you want and set the time and write the message.

How To Schedule Text Messages Or SMS On Android

Step 5: You complete your text message then press ok to confirm. And your text message is scheduled and out form the android messaging app. 

That’s why in today’s life scheduled message android is most important to everyone. Because in today’s life we do not remember all the thing in our mind.

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