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10 Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs 2019 (September)

Best Fitness Bands Under 3000
Written by Rahul Dutta

Are you conscious of your health in today’s busy lifestyle but do not pay much attention? Today in this post I will guide for Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs.

Yes, in this era of smartphones, you can easily measure your activities such as running, burning calories and measuring distance through fitness band.

So with the use of today’s latest technology, you can now decide on every activity of your career as well as a goal for yourself.

So let’s take a look at some smart-bands that prove to be useful in improving their health with the help of technology.

Apart from this, some smart-bands or activity trackers are capable of measuring sleep periods.





10 Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs




1.WEARFIT Ionic Fitness Band


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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If you want a fairly thin activity tracker and the display does not matter to you, this WEARFIT Ionic Fitness Band proves to be an ideal option for you.

You can hide this tracker in any kind of pendants, bands, etc. And it will keep track of your health.

This Fitness Band is the best in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs.

This band does not measure the steps, distance, calories you’ve gone, in addition to the automated understanding given in it.

The LED light on the front is given different colors by which you can find out the call or text notification.

This Fitness Band is also value for money in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs. 






2.Mi Band 3


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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Xiaomi was one of the primary organizations to get a fitness band to the nation with their unique Mi band. It didn’t have a screen at that opportunity and arrived with a LED pointer.

The Mi band 3 is the best in class fitness tracker Xiaomi has discharged in the nation.

Enhancing the plan and highlights of its ancestors, the Mi band 3 beats the challenge with a punch.


The Mi Band 3 has a similar plan rule that its more youthful kin accompanied. This Fitness Band is the best from MI in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs.

The bends around the tracker module are more inconspicuous and look extremely tasteful at all edges.

The silicone lash is extremely lightweight and agreeable to wear around. There are lashes in various hues accessible to buy from the Mi store.

There is a physical catch that is somewhat recessed from the body underneath the showcase to move forward and backward the choices on the screen.

The tracker unit itself is made of aluminum composite and feels sturdy and strong.

The tie is made of thermoplastic elastomer and is entirely adaptable. Generally, the construct quality is by all accounts magnificent at the cost.


The Mi band 3 has 0.78-inch OLED show. The presentation is flat and can be perused with no issues even under direct daylight.

Having an OLED show has different advantages, for example, improved proficiency with regards to battery utilization.

The permeability is incredible in inside however in direct daylight, you might need to strain your eyes a bit, not at all like a major issue, however.

When you pair the Mi band 3 with your cell phone over Bluetooth, calls and content notices can be seen on the screen and can be dismissed or set apart as read immediately by tapping the physical catch.


The Mi band 3 packs in the majority of the vital sensors that too in incredible quality.

The dynamic pulse screen is extremely precise and measures the digestion rate keeping pace with other costly fitness bands.

Normal highlights, for example, step counter, rest tracker and consumed calorie adding machine are available and work entirely well.

The Mi band application that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is oversimplified and gives a great deal of data on your exercises and other execution measurements.

The information estimations are exact and give a precise rundown of your everyday exercise plan.


The Mi band 3 version is water safe and accompanies an IP67 accreditation. This implies you can take this gadget out with you regardless of what the outside climate.

With the right mix with the cell phone biological system, this gadget can be utilized as a secret word supplanting when it is matched with your Android cell phone.

With the band close by, you can open the gadget without entering a secret word.

The 0.78-inch OLED show has a speedy look include that will turn on when you take a gander at it and give an outline of warnings.

It additionally can show the climate in your area and the future figures at the flick of the wrist.


This is the place the Mi Band 3 bests other brilliant bands by a long separation.

The 110mAh Li-particle battery inside isn’t the biggest limit battery found on a fitness tracker, yet with great equipment optimizations.

Xiaomi has figured out how to make this gadget endures as long as 20 days on a solitary charge.

The main problem with the charging of this gadget is that the tracker module must be removed from the lash and fitted onto the different charger which is a lumbering procedure.


The Mi Band 3 is the ideal gadget for you on the off chance that you are into running.

The exact pedometer and the durable battery life will make this gadget one of your top picks quickly without a doubt.








3.WEARFIT R8 Fitness Tracker


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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WearFit R8 is a sports tracker that can monitor your heart rate and keep track of all daily activities.


Here you can measure the duration of your sleep, apart from measuring steps, calories.

By applying with the band, you can also know how long and how deep sleep you have slept.

This Fitness Band is the best from WEARFIT in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs.

Water-proofing makes it even better. In WearBit R8, you get notifications of applications, SMS and incoming calls.

The Shake & Photo feature is also the most different here with which you can use the camera application by shaking the smart band a bit.

Once charging, it provides a battery backup of 5 to 7 days.








4.Honor Band 3


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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Honor is the sub-brand of the well known Huawei organization that has begun off in the nation discharging reasonable cell phone wealthy in highlights.

The Honor Band 3 is an advanced fitness tracker that joins snappy structure and execution on to a solitary bundle estimated all around intensely.

This Fitness Band is the best from Honour in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs.

The Honor Band 3 is structured as a unisex fitness tracker that can be utilized by the two people alike.

The silicone tie is of good quality and feels lightweight and agreeable around the wrist.

In contrast to some different fitness trackers, the Honor band 3 has a clasp on the system on the tie which limits the push to fold over the wrist and tie it safely.

The showcase sits flush with the lash and seems consistent as a solitary bit of item.

The quantity of depressions on the lash is perfect and makes this tracker appropriate to wear for the individuals who have enormous too little hands alike.


The Honor band 3 has a 0.8-inch PMOLED show that is truly outstanding in the classification.

The content and symbols seem sharp and clear even under the immediate daylight. The differentiation levels of OLED screens consistently bests that of an LCD and it’s apparent on this gadget.

The route through the choices and menus are completed by squeezing a physical catch on the showcase. The connections are smooth and responsive too.

Since just the dynamic pixels are illuminated, the dark foundation of the showcase looks dazzling and mixes well with the tie, particularly the dark one.


The Honor Band 3 accompanies an optical pulse screen that can be killed and on as indicated by your inclinations.

On the off chance that you need a consistently on heartbeat following, the alternatives inside the menus will allow you to do as such.

In any case, we’d prescribe to turn on this element when required, for. Eg, when you are doing exercises.

The M4 center calculation for heartbeat detecting is extremely best in class and gives a precise aftereffect of your metabolic exercises.

Action following is another field where this fitness band exceeds expectations. It very well may be connected with your cell phones GPS and track your running or running way through the Huawei wear application.

The Huawei TruSleep following innovation precisely portions your rest cycle into various segments and gives a top to bottom thought regarding your dozing designs.


The Honor Band 3 can be synchronized to your cell phone and set to get warnings from outsider applications, for example, Whatsapp and Email.

You can expel the warnings and even reject the calls by squeezing the equipment catch put underneath the showcase.

This Fitness Band is also value for money in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs. 

The Honor Band 3 is fueled by a 100mAh Li-particle battery that will keep going for around 14 days on a solitary charge.

The OLED show and the M4 center innovation inside makes this tracker very vitality effective.

The Bluetooth v4.2 convention likewise ensures that the vitality utilization is negligible when combined with the cell phone.

It takes about 1.5 hours to charge the battery inside, which as far as the limit of the battery is somewhat extended.


On the off chance that you are looking for a fitness tracker with superb battery life, look no further.

The Honor Band 3 gives an astounding 2 weeks squeeze on a solitary charge that will make you feel great taking this tracker off the network on some experience.

The plan of this tracker is extremely snappy and mixes with clothing flawlessly. With 1-year of universal guarantee, this tracker is a convincing item significant.




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5.Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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Boltt also provides fitness trackers for you to take care of personal health and fitness.

You get a 3, 6 and 12-month subscription with this tracker, which is determined according to your weight loss goal.

Bear HR gives you the ability to track calories, distance, steps, and other activities, with a 24 * 7 heart rate measurement.

Here are features like Motion and Sleep Detection, which helps measure the duration of your sleep well.







6.Mi Band HRX


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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The Mi Band HRX is a cut-down adaptation of the Mi Band 3, went first of all to the fitness band scene.

This Fitness Band is also value for money in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs. 

The Mi Band HRX is structured because of straightforwardness and the minimal plan will speak to the young.

The delicate silicone elastic tie is one of the most agreeable ties we have run over in a spending brilliant fitness band.

This tie has a pattern for the genuine tracker to rest inside, which ensures the tracker won’t warn from the lash regardless of how hard you move your wrist around.

The finished single catch control encourages you to explore through the choices rapidly and easily.

Xiaomi likewise affirms that this smart band has experienced a few stages of toughness testing to guarantee the gadget remains utilitarian for a more drawn out timeframe.


The accelerometer sensor inside with improved fitness following calculations works incredibly to give exact estimations.

This Fitness Band is also value for money in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs. 

It tracks your means, calories consumed and screens the rest cycle.

The Mi fit application supplements these perusing by giving a total report on your metabolic rate in an engaging UI to the eyes.


This shrewd band comes furnished with a 0.6-inch OLED show. This showcase has been UV treated and accompanies an uncommon covering to oppose scratches and smircesh.

The OLED board is adequately splendid and offers worthy open-air execution.


The Mi Band HRX is IP67 affirmed and offers the client genuine feelings of serenity from the residue, sweat, and water.

It additionally tells about the messages from different informing applications introduced on your cell phone and missed brings continuously.

This gadget can likewise be utilized to open your gadget without requiring a login accreditation, gave that you have given administrator access for the Mi fit application.

The Mi Band HRX utilized Bluetooth v4.0 for remote association with the host gadget.


The 70mAh Li-particle battery inside the Mi band HRX goes on for an astounding 20 days of use, on account of the OLED show.

To charge the gadget, you should remove the tracker from the tie and addition it to the exclusive charging dock, which is a lumbering procedure, frankly.







7.Honor Band A2


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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Now if we talk about a mobile phone brand, then Honor is a company that makes smartphones as well as smart bands.

In Honor Band A2, you get a large OLED display with the help of Heart Rate Monit, Sleep Monitor, and Smart Notification.

After 1.5 hours of charging, this Smartband can give you about 8 days of battery backup. The magnetic charging feature is provided here.

It works on both iOS and Android platforms and is available for sale in the Black Color option.








8.Lenovo HW01 Plus


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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HW01 Plus is an upgraded version of the HW01 Smartband introduced in the way of the activity tracker company.

In the band, you have been given the PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) feature which has been scientifically acknowledged that it is a heart rate-based metric that gives you quite a safe idea to deal with different diseases.

In Lenovo HW01, you have also been given a water-resistant feature with HR sensor, OLED display.

It can measure your steps, calories and sleep duration.








9.Lenovo HX06 Active



Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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Lenovo has done some genuine considerations before structuring this keen fitness tracker without a doubt.

Albeit the greater part of the trackers include a square-shaped structure, Lenovo has by one way or another figured out how to implant appeal to the generally dull plan.

The silicone lash feels strong and solid and fits pleasantly on to the wrist. The metallic lock system is solid and offers a tight fit for wrists of various sizes.

There is a dim encasing around the GPS beacon which when mixes with the tie gives this gadget a top-notch feel to it.

The construct quality is very useful at the cost and generally speaking, this fitness band looks extremely exquisite and decidedly manufactured.

This Fitness Band is the best from Lenovo in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs.

The Lenovo HX06 Active comes stacked with a 0.9-inch OLED show with a goal of 128 x 32 pixels.

The presentation has a touch-delicate catch on the lower part which can be utilized to explore through the various modes and menus easily.

Since this is an OLED board, the splendor levels are a bit on the lower side however the freshness and the differentiation levels of an OLED board are available.

The text dimensions seem bigger and are effectively intelligible even from a separation.


The Lenovo HX06 Active Spectra doesn’t accompany a pulse sensor to quantify your metabolic exercises.

This gadget additionally accompanies a lot of games following highlights, for example, step counter consumed calorie adding machine, rest screen and so on.

The movement following works very well on this gadget and the separation figuring is right on target.

The Lenovo HX06 Active has an enemy of rest highlight worked in which demonstrate valuable in case you’re a continuous driver.

It will caution you in set interims by a progression of beat vibrations that will keep your alarm to your environment while driving during the evening without nodding off.

This Fitness Band is also value for money in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs. 

The Lenovo HX06 Active accompanies IP67 affirmation. You can wear this tracker and go out regardless of what climate it is outside.

Including the most recent Bluetooth v4.2 to match with the cell phone, the Lenovo HX06 Active offers a significantly more power productive stable association when contrasted and its ancestors.

Lenovo additionally gives a 1-year worldwide guarantee on this item. You can guarantee your administration anyplace on the planet regardless of where you bought it.


The Lithium Polymer battery inside this gadget is evaluated to keep going for around 7 days worth of utilization on a solitary charge.

Like the greater part of the other new-age fitness trackers, the Lenovo HX06 Active accompanies USB direct charging highlight.

This will give you a chance to charge the gadget anyplace from a reasonable USB electrical plug without the requirement for any links or connectors.


The Lenovo HX06 Active is a jazzy fitness tracker that is very much assembled and highlights superb sensors inside for exact following.

With IP67 confirmation, you can undoubtedly take this tracker wherever with you even in the shower without having the dread of harming the gadget.







10.GOQii Vital


Best Fitness Bands Under 3000

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GOQii is a California based fitness innovation organization that furnishes fitness-based customized training alongside their fitness GPS beacons on a membership-based model.

The organization has probably the most moderate fitness trackers in the market that accompanies a lot of sensors which assistants in giving a total wellbeing report through the application.


The GOQii fitness band is structured in California and seems to be like the low spending fitness tracker kin, the first GOQii band which is a fitness tracker that costs under Rs.2000.

The lash of this fitness band is made of delicate elastic and is entirely agreeable to wear on your wrist. The clasp component on this lash is like the one found on smartwatches.

Fitness tracker module sits flush with the band and can be expelled by driving it out of the inside support by applying a smidgen of weight.

Make certain to be cautious while doing this as extreme pushing may hurt the tie of the presentation of the tracker.


The GOQii vital comes furnished with a 0.8-inch OLED shading show that has a vertical direction.

The showcase is brilliant and sharp with amazing shading proliferation. The writings seem sharp and look extremely pleasant on the pitch dark foundation.

The shaded symbols feel substantially more natural that the high contrast ones and offers an incredible vivid encounter cooperating with the gadget.


GOQii gadgets consistently accompany a great deal of wellbeing related fitness sensors regardless of what the financial backing is.

The GOQii Vital accompanies a propelled dynamic pulse sensor and a circulatory strain screen.

The estimations from these sensors are matched up with the GOQii application on your cell phone and the application gives an itemized report on your wellbeing conditions dependent on the perusing from those sensors.

This gadget comes stacked with an activity mode, which tracks the measurements, for example, the means taken, calories consumed and separation secured.

This component causes you to set an objective ahead of time and monitor your advancement.


GOQii isn’t only a fitness tracker. The GOQii application accompanies a ton of in-house administrations, for example, a customized fitness mentor who will audit the information from the sensors and recommend your approaches to improve your fitness and wellbeing.

Be that as it may, this administration goes under a membership charge which you’re allowed to select in or quit.

If you’re extremely genuine to have devoted proficient guidance for your exercises, at that point paying for the membership is well justified, despite all the trouble.

Like other shrewd bands, the GOQii can show notices from your cell phones, for example, calls and messages.

Outsider applications, for example, Whatsapp can be arranged to send alarms to the tracker also.


With every one of the sensors stuffed in and the brilliant OLED screen, the battery life is a bit on the lower side with this gadget.

On a solitary charge, the GOQii Vital will endures as long as 3 days with the synchronize turned on constantly.

This Fitness Band is also value for money in our list of Best Fitness Bands Under 3000 Rs. 

The tracker module accompanies a USB port implicit.

This makes the gadget simple to charge legitimately from a power source, for example, a power bank or from a PC without having the requirement for a different charger.


The GOQii Vital is one of the undeniable fitness trackers accessible in the market.

Stacked with sensors, for example, a dynamic pulse screen and circulatory strain sensor, this gadget comes at the highest priority on our rundown attributable to its element rich application which gives a point by point report on your wellbeing condition.

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