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Install Turbo C/C++ for Android | APK Download 2019 (September)

Turbo C/C++ for Android | How to install and download
Written by Rahul Dutta
Hello, friends, I am Rahul Dutta and today I will teach you how to install Turbo C/C++ for Android smartphone.
I will guide you the whole procedure step by step. And then you can run C/C++ programming on my Android smartphone without and desktop.
To install Turbo C/C++ for Android you have to download 1 file and 2 APK which are required to install Turbo C/C++ on Android. The first APK is “Andos box”  and the second APK is “ES File Explorer”.
Now the last  Turbo C Zip file is required. You will find all the download links to these APK and file anywhere in this post. So you have to download these two APK and the Turbo C Zip file.

Step 1:-

Now you have installed Android application “ES File Explorer” is the application.
The application is available in Playstore and I’m giving the downloading link of the application also.
ES File Explorer Download Link Below:-

Download ES File Explorer



Step 2:-

Now download the Andos Box APK and Turbo c Zip file and open it in the ES Explorer. I have given the download link of Andos Box APK and Turbo C Zip below of the post.

Step 3:-

Now you have to open the ES File Explorer application. Now you have to locate and open both the files Andos Box and TC Zip file on this application. From the Download section. If you have located these file in ES Explorer. Then now you have to take back

Step 4:-

Now you have to create a folder in the SD card or in Internal storage(Create on both if you donot determine where to create) with ES Explorer application.

Step 5:-

You have to name the new folder TC. Now you have to go to that folder where both the files Andos Box and TC zip are stored. Now you have to press that TC Zip file and a new option appear in the downside of the screen.

Step 6:-

Now you have to select the corner option. Then you have to select the option {extract to} which is below compressed. Now you have to select the path of the extracted file.


Step 7:-

Now select the new folder TC which was created in the last step. Then you have to click to start to start the extract process.

Step 8:-

Now press ok and wait for extraction of the file. Now the file is extracting wait for few minutes.

Step 9:-

Now you have to take back and install the andosbox APK file.
Then open the andosbox application search for setting option for where you find the keyboard option. The option is at the bottom of the right corner.

Step 10:-

Now ON the Autos rotation settings to enlarge the screen. Then the screen becomes Big.
Then you can type easily.  Now you have to type some commands which are highlighted below

Command Lines:-

cd tc

cd bin


Now press the enter button. Then the Turbo C/C++ for Android compiler will run smoothly.
ou are ready to go with the Turbo C++ for Android in your smartphone.
The only thing is that you have to write these command lines when to want to use it again.
So you have to learn these command lines for regular usage.
Hope You get all about Turbo C++ for Android.
If you have any problem then you can watch Youtube maintained above or comment below. I will try to solve it.

AndosBox Download Link Below:-







Turbo C Zip Download Link Below:-






Thank you for reading this post I think you get the method to install Turbo C/C++ forAndroid.


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