8 Best Water Purifier Under 5000 Rs In India 2023

Best Water Purifier Under 5000 Rs
Written by Rahul Dutta

If you are wondering for the best water purifier under 5000 Rs and want to become the owner of it then don’t worry ladies and gentlemen this impressive blog will clear out your all problems. It is very crucial to make researches before buying any product.

Are you a fitness freak and always conscious about health and safety? If yes then read the given blog with focus. Water plays a major role in our life for being healthy after all according to science our body is made with 75% of water. So it is our own duty to consume healthy water.

After researching a lot I have made a list of some trustful water purifiers which will surely help you to maintain your health. So for what we are waiting for, let’s go for it.

Brand: There are too many brands in the market that sell water purifier, choosing the proper brand is very important. So please try to do research about the brand before buying a purifier.

Purifier Type: There are several types of water purifiers present in the market. Two of them are electric and non-electric. In this blog, I have mentioned both of them.

Capacity: This plays a major role before buying a purifier. If you are kind of a person who doesn’t have time to give time to water purifier then you should go for high capacity purifiers.

Warranty: The given purifiers come with a great tag of warranty and long-lasting trust.

Best Water Purifier Under 5000 Rs

1.AQUA Libra Water PurifIer

AQUA Libra purifier

When it comes to buying a water purifier then the AQUA Libra brand always maintains a brilliant position as the AQUA Libra brand delivers needful and healthy products.

AQUA Libra purifier uses 4 types of purification methods which are RO, UV, TDS, and UF. The purification of water takes place in 14 steps.

AQUA Libra purifier is the best combo of healthy and hygiene. Hence it is considered as one of the best water purifier under 5000. This water purifier makes use of two kinds of filters they are sediment filter and carbon filter.

This purifier is also equipped with 100 God booster pumps and a pre antiscalant chamber which helps to maintain the purifier with low-cost maintenance.

High Storage Capacity

Let’s have a look at its features and details. AQUA Libra is an electric purifier that can store water in a huge amount. It has a tremendous storage capacity of 17 liters.


  • Capacity – 17 liter
  • Type – Electric and storage Purifier
  • Special feature – Automatic Shut-off
  • Warranty – 1 Year

2.KENT Gold Smart Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 5000

KENT Gold Smart purifier is very comfortable to use. It looks very gentle in your kitchen and it also tries to keep the kitchen safe. This water purifier acquires less space.

KENT Gold purifier occupied the first position in the list of best water purifier under 5000 in India. Due to superior product quality KENT has issued a well-known name in the market for several years.

Its installation is very easy more than that the cleaning is very convenient because this purifier is non-electric in nature. KENT Gold Smart purifier has a capacity of 7 liters. It has the ability to purify 1litre water in a minute. 

Rough And Tough Body

First of all, let’s have a look at its design and body construction. For maximum durability purpose, KENT Gold Smart purifier has a UV membrane housing which is placed in a spiral welded manner.

The outer structure of the purifier is built-with non-breakable polycarbonate material that also ensures to make the nutrition reliable.


  • Capacity – 7 liters
  • Type – Non-electric
  • Special feature – Non-breakable body
  • Warranty – 1 Year

3.AquaFresh Swift 15 Lyr Purifier

AquaFresh Swift 15

AquaFresh Swift 15 purifier delivers Reverse Osmosis Systems with the best of products from the market. The components used in this purifier have a warranty as well as high durability trust. This brand is famous for delivering great quality products in a short and amazing price.

AquaFresh Swift 15 purifier makes use of hot and cold reverse osmosis technology. It purifies water with a rate of 10 liters per hour which is quite appreciable in such a low amount. More than that maintaining body health is greater than all prospective.

Low-Cost Maintenance

AquaFresh Swift 15 purifier has a Double O-ring Housings, which is used to improve the working and strength of the purifier and it also helps to solve high maintenance problems with ease.

If you are desired to live the life for a longer time you should use this best water purifier under 5000.


  • Capacity – 12 liters
  • Type – Electric Purifier
  • Special feature – Low-Cost Maintainance
  • Warranty – 1 Year

4.Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard 

Eureka Forbes Aquasure

Eureka Forbes Aquasure purifier is a white-colored electric water purifier that comes along with the latest technologies. A filter is installed in it which ensures to purify the water till the last zone.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure purifier is one of the water purifiers under 5000 Rs. The technology also helps to preserve the natural minerals and vitamins present in water along with this it also purifies the water by removing contaminants.

So it not only delivers pure water but also helps you to keep safe and healthy. Eureka Forbes Aquasure purifier operated in electric format means it requires an external source of energy for purification of water.

The life span of filters is good and the water flow rate is 2 liter per minute.  This purifier uses a 5 step purification process. Due to all these features, it is measured as the best water purifier under 5000 In India.

UV Purification Technology

This filter makes use of Superior UV Purification Technology which gives you the benefit of in one filter. The most important thing about Eureka Forbes Aquasure purifier also helps you to work in less economical conditions.


  • Capacity – No
  • Type – Electric Purifier
  • Special feature – UV
  • Warranty – 1 Year

5.R.k. Aqua Fresh Water Purifier

R.k. Aqua Fresh purifier

R.k. Aqua Fresh purifier is the most recent and new version of purifiers by using which you can keep your family healthy and safe. It is light in weight hence easy to handle. This purifier has a low-breaded body structure due to which it needs less space to take place.

By using superior RO technology R.k. Aqua Fresh ZX14Stage purifier cleans up to 80 to 90 % of the contaminants in a couple of hours. This purifier is equipped with several types of technologies like RO, UV, TDS, UF, and mineral cartridges.

The water purifies with a rate of 10 liters per hour or more than that. R.k. Aqua Fresh ZX14Stage purifier purifies water in 5 steps which help to remove bacteria and viruses.

If you are a busy person or lazy then you can go for this masterpiece as you do not have to optimize the purifier. The water is automatically verified without any user interface.

Award-Winning Design

R.k. Aqua Fresh ZX14Stage purifier is the best water purifier under 5000. From top to bottom the body is well designed. The most amazing part about this purifier is its design has been awarded as the best design among every purifier in Delhi.


  • Capacity – 12 liters
  • Type – RO Purifier
  • Special feature – Award Winning Design
  • Warranty – 1 Year

6.Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard

Best Water Purifier Under 5000 Rs In India

Eureka Forbes purifier falls under the category of water purifier under 5000 Rs in india. It is a slim and affordable kind of purifier.

I am sure that you will never ever regret your choice after purchasing Eureka Forbes purifier as this is considered as the best water purifier under 5000 In India. The set consists of a water purifier, installation kit, and a manual by using which you can easily make clear.

Excellent Technology

Eureka Forbes purifier works on the principle of multistage purification method. It also makes use of TPR technology that helps to enhance the water storage capacity. During wastage of water, this purifier uses an auto shut off technique.

Eureka Forbes purifier is installed with water leakage sensors which are used to notify you about leakage of water. The advanced UV Ray technology tries to remove the ultra-miniature microbes without removing the vitamins and proteins.


  • Capacity – 16 liters
  • Type – Gravity Water Purifier
  • Special feature – Advance UV Technology
  • Warranty – 6 months



AQUA LIBRA is another purifier masterpiece that has issued a well-known name for its company. The best part about this purifier is durability and tough body strength.

Always manufacturing has been thoughtfully innovating the best water purifier under 5000 In India since 1959.

If you want to keep your family members safe and healthy then this purifier will help you to maintain this aspect. It has a water storage value of 17 liters.

Purest Water Quality

It also has a filtration capacity of 15 to 18 liters per hour. It keeps the water quality up to 1800 ppm by using TDS technology.


  • Capacity – 17 liter
  • Type – TDS purifier
  • Special feature – High Water Quality
  • Warranty – 1 Year

8.Ruby Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 5000 Rs

Ruby Water purifier acquired the third position in the list of the best water purifier under 5000. This purifier has an attractive and useful look means it is the best combo of effectiveness and convenience.

Ruby Water purifier has a transparent cover made by strong polycarbonate material that ensures to make it long-lasting. A water level indicator is also installed in it which ensures to interact with the water level.

In low water level condition, it also indicates to refilling the purifier with water. Ruby Water purifier uses more than two types of technology for purification of water.

Firstly it uses RO technology which makes the water free from contaminants and secondly it makes use of UV rays technology in which it purifies the microbes which are hard to see by our naked eyes.

Fast Rate Purification

Ruby Water purifier comes with a water treatment cartridge which helps to make the water strain of impurities but remembers that it should be replaced constantly within a particular time period. This purifier flows water in 12 liters per hour.


  • Capacity – 12 liter
  • Type – UF purifier
  • Special feature – Fast Rate Purification
  • Warranty – 1 Year

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