10 Best Place To Buy CryptoCurrency 2020 (April)

Best Place To Buy CryptoCurrency
Written by Rahul Dutta

Hello, friends If you are looking for the Best Place To Buy Cryptocurrency 2020. Then the first question is that what is CryptoCurrency and how we would exchange it.

Then the answer is that cryptocurrency is also known as a digital currency. It is one of the types of digital assets in which we can easily exchange money.

In cryptocurrency, they are using cryptography by which we can easily buy and sell them.

Then there is a question arises in our mind that which are the Best Websites to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency. So Today in this blog post, we will discuss the website and platform where you can sell and buy cryptocurrency in 2020.

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10 Best Place To Buy Cryptocurrency 2020


Best Place To Buy CryptoCurrency

Coinbase was established in the year 2012 for increasing the value of the digital currency in the market of internet suffering.

It combines an attractive nature to insured to people that his money is safe. Over 300 million people signed up with the Coinbase.

By this, it will provide a very good platform to the traders can easily handle their digital currencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, and Litecoin.

That’s why I have given the 1st position to Coinbase in my list of 10 Best Websites to Buy and Sell CryptocurrencyIn Coinbase 15000 developer apps works with it and lots of longtime customers joined with Coinbase.

One is the problem I saw in Coinbase which is when we verifying account it will take a lot of time so slightly more work on this.





Binance is the China-based cryptocurrency exchange company which is live trading since July 2017.

It is popular because it provides crypto to crypto exchange services. And I will choose Binance next for my list of Top 10 Best Place To Buy Cryptocurrency 2019.

Its main base in Malta and it has taken very low fees which is 0.05% per trade because of its exchange offer is own coin termed as BNB (Binance coin).

Its site available in multiple languages, such as English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian, etc.

If you are purchasing the coins such as  Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum and then you can easily use in Binance to convert them.

It offers a huge arrangement of coins. Some clarification on a Chinese exchange process.



Best Place To Buy CryptoCurrency

Bittrex is a US-based Cryptocurrency exchange company which is world 10th largest exchanges of cryptocurrency.

It offers high stability and speedy transactions and is one of the larger cryptos to crypto exchanges different types of bitcoin including the major cryptos such as Darkcoin, Nextcoin, and Litecoin.

Bittrex allows the trading rates with a service fee of around 0.25%.

Pros are it is trusted by millions of traders and nearly more than 200+ trading pairs are available and cons are heavy vetting requirements and Minor scaling.





Kraken was established in the year 2011. It is a platform of cryptocurrency exchange which provides high security and legal information. I

t works well through SEPA, and you are easily trading the coins which are Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum and it offers fast funding and low fees etc.

Its pros are that it works best for many countries such as Europeans and North America.

Has resolved trading engine lag & cons are the sites are offline for 3 days because of code update and it site note as visually intuitive.


Best Place To Buy CryptoCurrency provides a wide range of exchange services for using cryptocurrencies. It offers the security of money, margin trading, and cross-platform trading etc.

In if you exchange your money via  Visa and Mastercard both are acceptable for taking charge of 7% fee for the servicing.

CEX.IO is one of the biggest points is that there are no withdrawal limits.

Ggreat selection of altcoins and a very good feature is that you can easily access that site by the mobile application. And the cons are increasing concerns regarding validity and No transparency about makers.




Coinmama taking the sixth position in my list of Best Place To Buy Cryptocurrency 2019.

Because it covers over 200 countries for the exchange of cryptocurrency or Bitcoins. It supports many countries for buying high limits and plus fast delivery time for giving coins.

Coinmama is giving the platform by which you can easily buy bitcoin using your credit card or cash via MoneyGram.  So plus point is this you can easily purchase credit card form nearly all countries.

But the minus point is that this site is taking more money than others and not possible to sell cryptocurrency.




Best Place To Buy CryptoCurrency

Poloniex was started in the year 2014 for providing the platform for cryptocurrency exchange.

They are trading more than 100 different bitcoin on them. Since when another exchange company is well developed in the market.

That’s why this site traffic has grown from 33 million to 66 million just only in one month in the year 2017 because of the trading interface out there.

And they will work great in the mobile phone app and desktop users.

In Poloniex cons are that not possible to deposit currency and lots of customers are back their money because of withdrawal issue that due to lack of customer support.




Gemini is a fully registered and regulated licensed of Bitcoins and ether exchange. It is a New York-based exchange that holds the status and builds trust.

They are only trading in three currencies which are US dollars, Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are taken low fees and they also allow users to withdrawal & deposit directly to their bank accounts.

Pros are increased in security features and exchange in large volume & the cons are they only exchange three currencies, no phone support and only accepts USD transfers.




Best Place To Buy CryptoCurrency

Now I shared my views on Bitstamp which is the 9th position of my list of Top 10 Best Place To Buy Cryptocurrency 2019.

They are started their farm in the year 2011 in Europe. But now they are moved from Slovenia.

This is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange website and platform. Because they are easy to understand what type of use of bitcoins in the market.

It is in agreement with the European Union’s Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). In Bitstamp card purchasing is available and HQ located in  Luxembourg.

And the negative part is this not available outside from Europe and in the USA.




BitPanda is a very good cryptocurrency exchange platform provider. It is an Austria-based bitcoin broker company which is specialized in trading of bitcoins within the Eurozone.

Its exchange rate is higher than other exchange company and they are coming from E-wallet with the higher charges.

It is a positive part is that it is beginner friendly any many payment options like SEPA, SOFORT, GIROPAY, and EPSThe negative part is this is not available worldwide and no chat feature.


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